Pool Management

Pool Cmyk
  • Pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs made easy.
  • All of our products are hand-picked by us: pool owners who care about getting the best products at the best price, just like you. Tennessee Pinnacle Group takes pride in all of its projects, big or small, and strives to make your pool-owning experience as painless as possible.

Our Monthly Plan is $200.00 which includes the following:

  • Weekly Pool Cleanings
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Brush Tile & Walls
  • Check Equipment Performance
  • Clean Pump And Skimmer Basket
  • Skim The Surface
  • Test And Balance Water Chemistry
  • Vacuum The Bottom
  • Monthly Leak Detection
  • Pool Cover Maintenance

Pool Renovations

Tennessee Pinnacle Group will evaluate your existing pool and make a determination of the necessary repairs. Whatever your pool or needs – a new interior plaster surface, new tile, new plumbing and circulation lines, major structural repairs, or pool entertainment features – Tennessee Pinnacle Group will provide the expertise you’re looking for. We take the time to explain your options and any available products to make your backyard an oasis. Family Pools specializes in complete structural renovation, including custom pool and deck remodeling. We get pool renovations done right the first time, just the way you want it- without hassle or stress.

Back Cmyk

Expert Pool Repairs we usually handle

New Equipment Installation
Pump, Motors and Filter Repairs
Pool Light Repairs
Low Voltage Rope Lighting Around Pool Coping
Acid Wash & Stain Treatments

Valve Replacement
Surface Re-finishing
Filter System Replacement
Underground Pipe Replacement
Heat Pump, Gas Heaters, Salt System, Automation, & Chlorinator Installation & Repairs

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Leak Detection

  • Our technicians have completed the most comprehensive leak detection training program in the industry.
  • Equipment that is high quality and industry specific.
  • Tennessee Pinnacle Group has the best equipment available and has evolved its own proprietary techniques in finding leaks.
  • Tennessee Pinnacle Group has been finding leaks in swimming pools for many years. We have non-invasive techniques to find your leak. Family Pools does not stop at the first leak we find and hope that will fix the problem. We will go through our whole troubleshooting flowchart on every job. In the unfortunate event, we find a leak, you can rest assured that Tennessee Pinnacle Group will fix it, the right way.